Getting Started: Configure my device

To enjoy internet browsing, download services, and send mms photos & videos, follow these easy steps to configure your phone:

STEP 1: Text SET to 211
STEP 2: An SMS will be sent to you for the instructions along with the settings. Save the configuration settings.
STEP 3: Key in 1234 as the PIN when prompted.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I Run Uzzap on my phone?

  2. To start the Uzzap application you must find it in your phone. Typically it can be found in “Applications”, however on some phones java applications are all stored in “Games”. Simply press the “U” button to start the application.

    You may wish to select “Auto Start” from the Settings Button which will allow Uzzap to start automatically when the phone starts (only available on Symbian phones). You may also wish to set up a soft key on your phones front screen to give you easy access to Uzzap. For Nokia phones use the personalization options under settings to set Uzzap as a shortcut or an active standby application.

  3. How do I set up my other messenger account/s?

  4. Go to the Connections button on the Main Menu. Connect to your messenger account of choice and enter your current ID and Password, then select Login.

    Once you’ve established a connection you will automatically be logged in to this IM network each time you enter the Messenger program.

  5. What’s the difference between Instant Messaging and Extended Messaging?

  6. We refer to messages with other Uzzap users as “EM” or “Extended Messaging” because of enhanced features like routing to SMS when the other person is not online etc. Messages sent to buddies on other IM networks are still called Instant Messaging.

  7. How do I invite my friends?

  8. In the Main Menu, select the “Invite All” or “Add or Invite Buddies” option. These options allow you to invite contacts from your phone address book by sending them an SMS invitation to download Uzzap client and join our community.
    Note: This feature may not be available on some phones.

    You can also send invitations by IM to buddies on your other messenger accounts. Just highlight their buddy name and select the option “Invite”.

  9. What is Automatic Buddy Matching?

  10. When you first register and log in, “Automatic Buddy Matching” will get started. This feature reads your phone address book and uploads the contacts to a server. The server then looks for matches with existing Uzzap users and shows you a list of possible new buddies. You then select from the list to add these matches to your buddy list. These people will just need to confirm that they are your friends and they get added as your Uzzap buddies. If the system can see that you and your both buddy know each other (you both know each other’s number) no approval process is required. You can run the Buddy Matching anytime by selecting it from the Main menu.

  11. How do I add more Uzzap Buddies?

  12. If you know of an Uzzap user who is not yet your buddy, you can add her directly by going to “Add or Invite Buddy” button on the Main Menu. This will send an add request to your friend. However she will need to approve your request.
    Check the section in the Buddy List called “Pending Buddies” to see which friends have not yet approved your buddy request.

  13. How do I switch from UZZAP to my regular phone applications?

  14. Sometimes you might want to switch take a call or check your text messages normally. On some phone models, you can switch from Messenger to regular phone functions without exiting by selecting the “Hide” command. This runs the Messenger in the background. If a new message comes in, Messenger will “wake up” from the background and display the message.

    Another approach is to press and hold the menu button on a Symbian phone. This will show you a list of applications running in the phone you can choose and switch to where you want to go.

    Note: This feature may not be available on some phones.

  15. I can’t find the program after I installed it! Where is it?

  16. Different handsets place newly installed programs in different places. New Nokia phones usually insert these programs in the “My Own”, “Applications” or “Installations” folder. Just search for the program icon with the Uzzap logo, and that’s it. Other phones may place the application in the “Games” folder.

    One way to make the Uzzap icon easy to find on Nokia phones is to include as one of the Active Standby apps. This means you can find it right on the default screen.

    On Nokia Series 60 phones, this is set by going into Settings / General / Personalization / Standby mode / Active Standby applications or Shortcuts

  17. How to use The Buddy List?

    • All Buddies – buddies that are currently available
    • Most Frequent – the buddies you communicate with most often
    • Phonebook – a view of all your phonebook contacts so you can send messages to them using Uzzap (even these ESMS messages are unlimited on some packages!)
    • IM Groups – once you connect to an IM service a new group will automatically appear containing these buddies
    • Other Contacts – contacts you wish to store in the buddy list but not as full buddies
    • Pending Buddies – friends that have not yet approved your buddy request or who have been identified by Auto Buddy Matching as people you may know and wish to invite.
    • Your own custom groups ? for example you could have a team group or a family group which makes it easy to send a “group message” to all at once!
  18. The EM Buddy List is the starting point of Uzzap. This is usually divided into:

  19. What are “Other Contacts”?

  20. There is another kind of buddy called an “Other Contacts”. You might have friends on phones who are not registered to Uzzap. But as long as they can send/receive SMS, Email or GSM calls you can still communicate with them using Uzzap (and it may be unlimited using some packages such as Uzzap Plus!).

  21. What about IM Buddies?

  22. If you selected an automatic login to your other messenger accounts (IM), your buddies on these IM networks should show up in a special group in the Buddy list. However, you can’t add new IM buddies from Uzzap. You need to add buddies to by logging in directly to your IM account to do that.

  23. How do I send a message?

      If this is an Uzzap buddy, you should see a long list of extended messaging options:

    • Send Message – sends an EM message (Uzzap sub to Uzzap sub)
    • Send Picture – sends picture from buddy list (not yet available on some phones)
    • Send Email – sends email to your buddy’s email address
    • Start GSM Call – to do a regular call (standard rates apply)
    • Sending Contacts – sends a copy of your contacts to your buddy
    • Start Group Chat – Create a multi-buddy conference
    • Profile – Displays the profile of the buddy, shows full status message
    • Remove Buddy – Takes the buddy out of your list
    • View History – View a history of your conversations with this buddy
    • Communication to other messenger accounts is more limited:

    • Send Message – send IM message
    • Invite – send an IM invitation to download Uzzap
    • Profile – shows full status message
    • With Other Contacts, your message options (dependant on the information you have for them) are:

    • Start GSM Call – to do a regular call
    • Send E-SMS – send E-SMS to your Smart contacts that are non-Uzzap
    • Send SMS – send regular SMS to your non-Smart mobile contacts
    • Send Email – send an email if you have stored an email address for this contact
    • Invite – Send an SMS or Email invitation to download Uzzap
    • Profile – shows Mobile number and nickname
    • Remove Buddy – Takes the SMS buddy out of your list
    • View History – View a history of your conversations with this buddy
  24. Just select the Buddy name from the Buddy list. Press the “fire key” or “joystick” (the middle button) on your phone.

  25. How do I start a GROUP CHAT?

  26. If you want to have a shared conversation with three or more people, you can do so by clicking on a buddy, and selecting the “Start Group Chat” option. You’ll be shown your buddy list. You can then invite as many Uzzap buddies as you want to join the conversation.

    This is limited only to Uzzap buddies – currently you can’t include Other Contacts or IM buddies to conferences.

  27. What does View History do?

  28. This shows your EM and Email message history – even those that took place days ago.

    When the number of messages stored in history reaches about 1000 it can cause performance problems on your phone, consequently Uzzap will delete any old messages once you reach this limit. To delete your chat history manually, go back to the main EM Buddy List, select Options and select “Clear Message history”.

  29. How do I create a Buddy Group?

    1. Select a Buddy, and click on “Other Groups”
    2. you can choose from your existing “Group/s” or you can create a “New Group”
    3. To create a “New Group”, enter name of a new group and click on “Ok”
  30. You can create new groups of buddies, like “Officemates”, “Barkada”, “Family” and so forth. Here’s how:

    There is also a special group already set up for you called “My Friends”. You can put your close friends here so you can find them easily when your buddy list gets long. There is a quick way to put buddies into this group using the tick box on the communication menu. Be patient when you tick or un-tick this option since the system has to tell the server about the change before it will display on your buddy list.

    You can rename any of the groups in the system including the delivered groups such as “My Friends” ? you may wish to call it “Pamilya” and use it just for your family.

  31. How do I visit the Chatrooms?

    1. From the Main Menu, click on the “Chatrooms” button.
    2. Select a category and then a room from the list to enter, click to enter. Or if you already know the room, you can search it using the search bar at the bottom of chatroom navigation.
    3. Enter your nickname ? this may be the same or different from your usual username
    4. Upon clicking ‘OK’, you enter a chatroom.
    5. At this point, you can:
      • Start talking to others in the chatroom
      • Invite others to join the chatroom
      • Send a whisper message to someone that you don’t want others to see
      • List all the chatters currently in the room
      • Or leave to chat another day
  32. Just press Options to see the complete list of choices available to you.

    Also from the screen showing the room list you can create a private room just for you and some of your buddies. Choose the option “Start Buddy Group Chat”, then choose which of your Buddies (from your buddy list) you want to include. They will all receive an invitation to join the room. You can also choose the option “Create room” to create a public chatroom, you can create up to 5 public rooms only.

  33. What can I do if someone is annoying me in a Chatroom?

  34. Under options in Chat is a feature called “Mute”. Select this then tick the person who is annoying you. Now you will not see any more messages from them.

  35. How do I connect to my Smart or TNT friends who are non-Uzzap users?

  36. Find them in the Phonebook displayed in your Buddy List. Select Send Message or Send ESMS to send them a message using Uzzap. This special SMS is called ESMS and is unlimited on an Uzzap Plus! package.